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Behavioral Support Package for School Districts

Hudson Valley Licensed Behavior Analyst, P.C. is fortunate to have several Registered Behavior Technicians employed by our agency. All RBTs receive support and supervision from a Licensed Behavior Analyst. Most of our RBTs already possess Master’s degrees and are working toward Behavior Analysis licensure and National Certification.

In order to provide the most beneficial outcomes for the students we support as well as being cost conscious and effective,Hudson Valley Licensed Behavior Analyst, P.C. recommends Behavioral Support Packages that provided more support to students and staff and costs the same or reasonably less than current costs of a BCBA only model as offered by other companies.

For example, if a student requires 6 hours of behavioral support to train staff, make antecedent manipulations, collect data, refine the Behavioral Intervention Plan, observe related service personnel working with the student, etc. The going rate for such services is $150 per hour by a BCBA for a weekly cost of $900/week. Depending on the number of weeks this level of service is recommended, this could cost a district $32,400 (36 weeks).

Hudson Valley Licensed Behavior Analyst, P.C. may recommend that a RBT come in for 8 hours per week and a BCBA for 2 hours per week. The BCBA would initially write a FBA/BIP, if needed and create a lesson plan of training that the RBT could follow and implement with the school district personnel based on the BCBAs recommendations/school district’s needs/students’ needs.

The proposed comparative cost would be $27,720. Nearly a $5000 savings IN ADDITION TO 4 more support hours per week. Such a model provides more consistency for the staff, insures mastery of skills, quicker fading of behavioral support services (which we highly recommend as determined by mastery criteria), improved success for the student, happier parents, less conflict, and cost-effective savings.

If 3 students in the district need behavioral support services that is a potential savings of $15,000 that could help support more students or just be pure savings.

How do we know this model works?

We have been using this model for the last 10 years in private schools and in home programs. Insurance companies use this model to provide their patients Applied Behavior Analysis services in the most cost effective way that meets the individual needs of each patient. A proper fade of behavioral services should be a part of any effective treatment plan.  The fade is dependent on concrete criteria and measurement which everyone agrees on ahead of time which reduces issues with maintenance and generalization going forward.

If you would like to discuss this model further or already feel this would be an ideal solution for your district’s behavior support issues, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Rinaldo, BCBA at (845) 300-9301 or visit our contact page.