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Come join us for an exciting summer of learning, friendship and fun! Beginning the last week of June through August we will be offering flexible 2-1/2 hour sessions that will increase learning, maintain skills, and improve socialization. All goals will be personalized to each child’s needs and the family’s priorities.

Sessions will be held at the Center as well as community locations. A full-time program is available for the summer.

Session Types

  • Individualized Intensive Instruction $40/session
  • Social Group with Skill Enrichment $15/session
  • Swim, Playground, Social Group $15/session plus cost of swimming based on swim package chosen (private or small group swim)

Session Times: 9:30-12:00, 12:00-2:30, 2:30-5:00
Each session type is offered during each session time. Multiple session types may be chosen to fill your child’s day. It’s your choice!(Must be decided prior to program start date)

Some of the skills we will work on: language, reading, math, dressing and grooming skills, toilet training, cooking, meal etiquette, social skills, motor skills, and behavior planning (with family support and training). Whatever is needed!

All fees for children with a diagnosis of autism may be covered!